Saturday, August 15, 2020

Imperial Pilots launches a vigorous and unique sound record, like an inspired musical script in a Quentin Tarantino movie

The alternative rock trio, Imperial Pilots, released their first album on all streaming platforms via Electric Funeral Records, the disc is homonymous to the group's name. Recorded at PSP Studio by producer Paulo Polloni), the album had Joey Manzano on guitars and vocals, Javi Bonfil on drums and backing vocals and Pedro Roquini on bass and backing vocals.  

The band that was born at the end of 2017, brings the mix of the screaming of punk, the heavy sound of metal and stoner with the melodies of space rock, in a dark and heavy work. The new material had as main influences the sounds of Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Muse, Faith no more among other artists that mix and influence the sound of the band.  

The lyrics and melodies created by Joey Manzano, have word games, with themes from horror films and fiction, based on the album's fear in several aspects. According to Joey Manzano, the band's leader and main lyricist, “the songs bring an interpretation, in the language of everyday life, to current issues, issues such as depression, insecurity, forms of harassment, psychological terror, personality disorders and even the way governments manipulate us in their thirst for power. The album brings all these questions as a script inspired by a Quentin Tarantino film. You find yourself reflecting on controversial issues at the same time that you feel invited to dance to the rhythm of the songs ”.  

The album cover art was on account of Ray Barbosa's photography. Observing the art of a young albino child with a sphynx cat. A strong and impressive image. The image was produced by the photographer with the concept of exploring beauty in non-standard diversities. At the same time it is a beautiful photograph, it makes you doubt whether it is the girl who controls the cat or vice versa, within the context it is a beautiful image in its beauty and at the same time it is intriguing.  

Cyberpunk, grunge and space describe the sounds of Imperial Pilots, according to themselves. “Pedro always comes with the intention of bringing something that goes beyond the common groove. The distortions with different textures, the effects of modulation and lines that escape a little of the conventional contribution to the sound of the band has this innovative aspect that we are looking for ”, explains Joey about Pedro Roquini's style. “Javi is a scholar. If he leaves, he spends all day studying. But he is not that coxinha musician, he has a great musical and artistic taste in general. It is very easy to work with him and he always has good ideas ”, talks about drummer Javi Bonfil. About Joey, Javi says: “what I like to work with Joey is that he is always open to the ideas of others, although the lyrics and melodies of the songs are his, he always respects the other's vision and has no problem changing something in the structure of the song or on the guitar if the final idea gets better, so that individual idea ends up representing us all as a group ”.  

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