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Disabled Interview by Varg The Mighty

  1. Disabled were a French Death Metal band that released multiple demos in the 90’s. In 2018, they reissued they’re last demo, “The Final Exhumation”. Today, we have an interview with them. Greetings, how are you doing?
Hello there. I am fine, thank you, in spite of the heat which is unbearable, here. The climate is getting worse and worse every year… Like everywhere in the world, I ç
  1. What inspired the band’s name?
hahaha… Good question. The band had no name when I entered it. We looked for one during several weeks, we had no idea. We were first called DROWNED. I don’t remember how this name was chosen, but I did not agree with that. There were several bands with this name, and moreover, there was this spanish label, which turned to REPULSE later. 
Finally, I looked for another one and proposed DISABLED. I was the meaning of mutilated by war. Also, it sounded good for a non english guy. Later, I learnt it also meant handicapped. I guess that is not a good and original name for english people, but well… 
  1. How was it like to originally record this demo and how do you think it has changed with the reissue?
Well, this recording was not planned to come out. We recorded this in our rehearsal place to have an idea how could sound some of our pieces in the goal to choose some for our Faith Ablation 5 songs CD in 1996. Chris Moyen just found this tape by chance 3 years ago and talked to me about it. At this time, I did not remember about this recording. I think that is Pascal, the bass player who reminded me about it and why/how we recorded this songs.
So, this recording was not planned to be a demo, as I said. Chris talked to me about mastering it at a friend’’s in Heldscalla studio in the neighborhood and why not sending it on the market. I was not sure about that idea, because the label ARMEE DE LA MORT already released our double CD with all our products on it and I thought we did not have any legitimacy to sell a new product for a band who broke up 20 years earlier.
Then, Bastien, a local friend who owns ANTI HUMAN CONSPIRACY, said he was interested in releasing these songs on tape for 100 copies. I said OK, just 100 copies for us and friends. I think they were sold out in one week.
I did not expect a label like XENOKORP to be interesting in this recording. Even today, I am wondering how someone can be interested in spending money for a band’s record dead for 20 years. This is Chris again who was already in contact with him who talked me about Nicolas who wanted to release these songs on CD. Useless to say that I was surprised. I knew XENOKORP because they released many bands I like. As I did not plan to market this product, the fact that XENOKORP was so much interested in releasing a CD made me accept.
  1. How do you think the scene has changed from back when you were active to now?
The scene has changed a lot. When we play, we needed to be ready to go into studio. If you came with  bad sound, the product sounded bad. Now, I have the feeling that you can have a shitty sound, you go into a studio and you get a masterpiece with a killer sound. The material has evolved a lot. The musicians are getting better also with new techniques. All these technical videos or tutorials you can find on Youtube, that did not exist 20 years ago. I don’t say you just have to go on the web to be a good musician, but there is a lot of material that can help if someone want to improve.
Sometimes, I have the feeling that some musicians want to be good before making music. They play fast, good, they have a great sound but they are not able to write a good sound. There is no soul in their music.
I don’t mean that was better before. We have to live with our time, but I notice that many return to the fundamentals.
  1. What made the band split-up?
pfff… Routine, I guess… The Faith Ablation CD was far from our expectations. We were very disappointed with the result. I have the feeling that we took a hit on the head and that the general motivation was no longer there.
Many people said we were great, but no label was interested. Not that I say we were obsessed by finding a great label, but working hard and finally get no result… the outcome is inevitably fatal.
  1. Do you think the band will someday come back?
hahaha… No, that’s impossible. Every members have their own life on their side. We are no longer much in touch, unfortunately. And I don’t see DISABLED with any other members than the ones who were in the band lately, so no chance to see the band reborn one day.
  1. Which were the main influences on the music?
Mainly bands from this period as you might already know. CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, MONSTROSITY, AUTOPSY. The main bands we liked were from the United States, but we also listened to bands from other countries like SINISTER, GRAVE, BOLT THROWER, NAPALM DEATH, etc...
  1. Have the members of Disabled participated in other projects after the band split-up?
Pascal, the bass player went to OVERSOUL, a local thrash metal band and I went to VORACIOUS GANGRENE during 3 or 4 years, a brutal death metal bands influenced by more underground bands… a bit more like DYING FETUS, INTERNAL BLEEDING or DEEDS OF FLESH.
  1. Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thanx a lot for your interest in a band who died more than 20 years ago. I am always surprised, but flattered to see people who show so much interest in DISABLED. I have the feeling that we have more success now than when we were alive. Only the dead are brave… hahaha

 Interview by Varg The Mighty

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