Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mercyless Interview by Varg The Mighty

Mercyless are a French Death Metal band that have played since the 90’s and gained a great renown in the underground. Soon they will release a new album, “The Mother Of All Plagues”. Today we have an interview with them. Greetings, how are you doing?
             Max/Thank you for your support! We're doing our best in these difficult times, but we're doing well. We're very busy with the promotion of the new album.

What inspired the band’s name?

            Simply from the song "merciless death" of Dark Angel…. And after this, we have to change into "Mercyless" because of the Swedish band"Merciless".
How was it like to record your latest album and what inspired it?
We prepared this album for a year and a half .... And we recorded in September 2019 ..... Then we had some problems during the mix, which made us waste a lot of time, but finally in January everything was ready. In the same way as for the last album ..... The inspiration comes from what we live daily and which fills us with anger .... This world is an endless source of inspiration ... Religion, politics, dogmas, domination, the hypocrisy of being give us enough elements.

How do you think the scene has changed since the 90’s?
           The evolution of technology, the recording methods, the technical level, the professionalism of the bands, the evolution of styles, the brutality ..... And many things we made that this scene which was quite underground has become more "mainstream" today. Extreme music is no longer scary, and to be honest with you .... I'm not a fan of today's scene .... Too predictable and tasteless!

What made the band originally split-up and what made it return?
We didn't split up, we just put it on hiatus, because we continued to make music together. At the end of the 90's we were fed up with all this bizness circus and the scene in general, after albums, concerts and tours .... We were really tired of all that ..... We put 10 years to come back, but it was wanted because we knew that we were going to bring the group back up sooner or later. We came back more confident and even more motivated.

Which are your main musical influences?
            Still the same since the beginning Possessed, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Death, Pestilence, Hellhammer, Celtic frost, Destruction, Sadistic intent…….
How do you think the band has evolved musically?
LoOh, I'm not sure we've evolved a lot, because we like this old school Death Metal style, and we've been practicing this style for so long to evolve in one direction .... We're passionate and we always feel so many things practicing this style .... So we do not ask ourselves whether we are evolving or not .... We continue in what we know how to do best .... The only evolution for us is perhaps to become a little more professional.

Is there any new music being made?
Not at the moment ... We're taking our time.

Are there any concerts planned in the near future?
Yes, like many bands, we are planning a few concerts from September .... But hey, nothing sure given the current situation with this fucking Covid! .... But I think that in 2021 we should see it there clearer .... We are working on a tour for 2021

Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you a lot for your support! If you want to enter the real darkness…. "ththe mother of all plagues" is for you! No compromises o ly real death metal. See ya all on syage after all this shit! Stay evil!

                     Interview by Varg The Mighty

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