Saturday, August 15, 2020

MOANING SILENCE - “A waltz into darkness” (Atmospheric / Doom / Gothic Metal - Greece)

Moaning Silence was born in the mind of their composer Christos Ntounis during a cold winter night at late 2014.

Next year finds the band recording their first full length album called “A world afraid of light”.

Combining the drawn-out Gothic sorrow of My Dying Bride with elements of Anathema’s approach, Moaning Silence have created an album that pays homage to the emotive, expressive side of Metal. Both male and female vocals appear, with the male vocalist’s voice having a quality to it that’s somewhere between the singers of My Dying Bride and Sentenced, while the female singer Aimilia Papatheochari has a liquid, silken quality to her voice that is quite enticing. The whole music vision of the band was captured on canvas by acclaimed French painter Gilles Grimmoin. It’s a lovely, if somewhat desolate portrait of life, one that nicely captures the music you are about to enjoy.

The whole project was supervised by Bob Katsionis (Outloud, ex Firewind).

During 2017 the band recorded a few songs with Eleni Kapsimali as the lead singer, something that led to the release of “Fragrances from Yesterdays” EP.

Their new EP is dominated by a concept idea which has to do with memories and how they are affected through time. Melancholic atmosphere, melodies and of course the mid tempo compositions. The duality of harsh male and melodic female vocals gives the known theatric touch that the band displayed in its debut release.

A different approach of Beatles hymn “Yesterday” is also present here.

Late 2019 and the band makes another line up change. Eleftheria Aggeloudi becomes the muse and Christos composes 8 tracks of pure atmospheric metal. “A waltz into darkness” is born.

Balancing between the flares of the summer sun and the piercing winter cold, Moaning Silence invites us to a dark and haunting waltz.

Majestic landscapes unfold in every step you take. Travelling like “stormbirds”, exploring human’s soul.

The new singer with her calm, eartly voice helps the listener to become part of this journey. And when the storm arrives, she becomes the siren who takes us away, “towards the sun”.

Bob Katsionis is again the supervisor of this project (production / mixing) while Nasos Nomikos has done all the masterings.

Cover artwork is made by John Toussas (Graphic No Jutsu).

“A waltz into darkness” will be available via Symmetric Records on May 5th 2020 in deluxe digipack edition through the label’s Bandcamp page and in all digital stores.


Christos – guitars / male vocals

Eleftheria – female vocals

Harry – keyboards

Antonis – Bass

Vangelis X - drums


Atmospheric / Doom / Gothic Metal


Athens, Greece


“ A World Afraid Of Light ” (2015)

“ Fragrances from Yesterdays ”  EP (2017)

“ A waltz into darkness ”  (2020)


Symmetric Records

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