Monday, August 24, 2020

MONGREL'S CROSS reveal track for new album - ABSU's Proscriptor as new vocalist...

Not for them the over-generalization of "Australia = war metal" nor the simplistic connotations associated with such; still peaking at the height of their compositional powers, Mongrel's Cross remain a great extreme METAL entity. All the drama and danger, legendry and lawlessness, power and poison, and essential OTT abandon of this artform otherwise known as heavy metal - everything that Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court so effortlessly played out with a palpably physical poetry - here on Arcana do they render in more manic and narrative form, no doubt informed by Proscriptor's pioneering work with the singular Absu. In fact, it's a match so perfect (and poignant), it's a small wonder it never happened sooner... Regardless, each of these seven screeds artfully canvasses a wide territory of heavy metal magick - the playing deft and nuanced, the songwriting itself direct yet richly detailed - and once again does the clean 'n' gleaming production fit like a gauntlet lined with velvet. In a word, Arcana is EPIC, in every sense...

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