Friday, August 14, 2020

New album "Hadopelagial" of German black metal band Hadopelagial is out on March 18th, 2020!

The Leipzig duo HADOPELAGIAL has come together in the current formation in 2017. The two ex-Humanitas Error Est members shared their musical roots in black/death metal and in previous projects on big and small stages. For C.C. it was clear from the beginning in which direction the music should go... Raw fast black metal. In 2017-2018 the debut album "Hadopelagial" was recorded and finished.

C.C. - instruments, programming, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork
Ghoul - vocals, lyrics


01. Hadopelagial
02. Helios
03. Leviathan
04. The Cosmic Ocean
05. For The New Path
06. Amunre
07. Return Of The Black Death
08. Dana

 Length - 40:14
 Available for pre-order!

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Kristallblut Records (Germany) |
Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland (Germany) |
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