Friday, August 14, 2020

New album "Lucifer Hominum Salvator" of Cuban black metal band Skjult is out on March 17th, 2020!

SKJULT was formed in 2015 by its only member Conspirator. To date, it has released two albums. "Within the Flesh" in the year 2015 by Cvlminis Records and a re-edition in 2016 by Satanarsa Records. Last 2018 the second album "Progenies ov Light" was released by Satanath Records and Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland. SKJULT is currently an active band in the Cuban metal scene with the support of the session guitar player Spectrum.

Conspirator - everything

 Like a luciferian force aiming to destroy your mind comes the new full-length of SKJULT "Lucifer Hominum Salvator". 47 minutes of fierce anticosmic poetry combined with the brutal blast beats of the previous album. More melodic, less raw, more into the depth of hell. More dynamic and focused on penetrating the lawless path of the Mighty Serpent. Strongly recommended for the fans of early Watain, Necrophobic, Valkyrja and early Dark Funeral. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Profane Misanthropic Craft Studios January-June 2019, Havana, Cuba. Produced by Conspirator & P.M.C. Studios. Design & layout by Misanthropic Craft Designs.

01. Lawless God
02. Under The Serpent's Banner
03. The Sight
04. The Way Back To The Source (Instrumental)
05. The Fall (Interlude)
06. A Star Down Below
07. Sacred Flames
08. Lvcifer Hominum Salvator (Ritual)

Length - 46:59
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