Monday, August 31, 2020

PLAGUE ORGAN (Avantgarde Black/Death) - "Orphan"


Dutch Avantgarde Black Metal Duo Issue Abhorrent & Hallucinogenic Debut Album - Entire Work Streamed At Invisible Oranges.




Sentient Ruin is honored to seal its allegiance with enigmatic dutch avant-garde black/death metal deformation Plague Organ, as we ready the release of their debut album absurdity "Orphan" at the end of the month.

Leading up to its imminent release, Invisible Oranges premiered the full stream of the single-track forty-minute album, stating that "Orphan" “takes black metal and distills it to a primal, raging sound -- a droning, blasting miasma of sounds and auditory hallucinations.“ - you can read the feature and checkout the stream HERE.

With influences ranging from deviant free-form jazz, drone and dark ambient, to ritualistic black and death metal all the way to the most erratic strains of kraut and improvised psychedelia, abhorrent avant-garde/ambient black/death metal
deformity Plague Organ debut with their first ever offering, "Orphan", a spiraling and malformed mantra of deviated experimentalism and inverted incantations designed to bore into the listener's mind and ravage it of its sanity. On the single forty-minute track, the deranged Dutch duo (who feature members from death metal deliriants Cryptae, Imperial Cult, Dead Neanderthals are more) unravel a single nauseating and diseased spell of guitar-less aural claustrophobia made of hallucinating synth patterns, obsessive percussions, psychotic bass-lines, blood-curdling grunts and spectral lamentations that combined unison weave a suffocating and disorienting fractal of self-replicating passages, making the listener feel asphyxiated in a dimensionless maze with no discernible exit. Trapped inside the near-geometric absurdity the listener becomes the subject of a lucid nightmare as they sink deeper into a state of catatonic delirium and of helpless hypnosis while their psyche is meticulously consumed and devoured by album's abhorrent repetitions and winding hypnotic deformities. By all means a triumph in fringe sonic experimentalism and among the most accomplished and unclassifiable avant-garde extreme metal anomalies of the year, "Orphan" is a must for all fans of other deranged experimentalists like Ride for Revenge, 夢遊病者, Sunn O))), Chaos Echoes, Antediluvian, Oksennus, Sect Pig and beyond.
"Orphan" is scheduled for an August 28 2020 official release on cassette tape and digital formats. The staggering release features unrivaled artwork by Stefan Thanneur of renowned french experimental death metal alchemists Chaos Echoes.

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