Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sanity Control - "War on Life (Review by Leviatan )

Today we are going to talk about the album of these Poles, who are brutal.between the Thrash and the Crossover is the sound, which it is debated to death between the two styles.8 songs and little more than 20 minutes that will destroy your neck by moving your head, as if they had possessed you.
They transport me to another era but at the same time they sound fresh.
The songs are falling "War On Life", "Rope","Paying is believing", "Good Dogs", "Warm" without contemplations. Sharp guitars, Drumsfast and pounding, rabid voice.
"Hunt", "Enough" continue to fall and we close the album with "Diying Order". The feeling of wanting more invades you and makes the album short, wanting much more. I would like to see them live, it has to be brutal.
Cheers and horns up.
 Review by Leviatan

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