Sunday, August 23, 2020


Today’s review is of the split between Russian Dark Ambient band Satanath and Australian Blackwave band Striborg.
The first half of the split are the songs of Satanath. These songs have the mesmerising monotony so present in Dark Ambient, especially in projects like Suuri Shamaani.
These songs also have some certain sound that makes them feel like from the void from outer space, completely still and calm in its eternity. Nevertheless, this music would also perfectly fit in a retro videogame as well as in a meditation.
In general, this half of the split is pretty common and not too original, since there are dozens of projects like this, but if you need a moment of calmness you may enjoy it if you like Dark Ambient.
The songs of Striborg on the other hand are very interesting. With the Black Metal era of the band as only a distant memory, this split also embraces electronic music, but it is quite different than last year’s albums they released of this style. While some songs like “A Nighttime Perplexity” do sound like that, others are something new, especially “Empty Sorrow” and “The Burden Of Existence”.
These songs don’t follow that cold and eerie electronic feeling, but instead get elevated to the majesty of Symphonic Black Metal without the need for guitars and only the help of drums and vocals. These songs also follow the space vibe prominent throughout the split, but with a whole different meaning than the songs of Satanath.
If you like Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth, Coldwave or Blackwave you may enjoy this cold and nihilistic split, but expect no violence to appear from the sorrow and existential dread, only woes of souls who lament the incapability that humans have to travel the cosmos.
 Review by Varg The Mighty

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