Friday, August 14, 2020

Skarz - What Remains

Co-release Satanath Records with More Hate Productions and Exhumed Records: new album "What Remains" of Greek old school death metal band Skarz is out on April 21st, 2020!

SKARZ founding members Kostas and Dim had long be playing music together before they decided to fuse their musical influences into one project. The lyrics are diverse dealing with social issues and dark perspectives. Musical influences are late 80's and early 90's death metal. For fans of Death, Obituary, Deicide, Benediction... All instruments and vocals recorded at Demons Studios (February-July 2019). Mixed and mastered by Dimon's Night. Artwork and logo by Paint-It-Black Design.


Kostas Sarcastic - guitars, vocals
Dimon's Night - drums, bass

01. Skarz
02. What Remains
03. Serpent Of Darkness
04. Talking Dead
05. Premonition
06. Deathing Till T(h)rash
07. Family Obligation
08. Kind Of God

 Length - 35:40
Available for pre-order!

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 Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with labels:

Exhumed Records (Ecuador) |
More Hate Productions (Russia) |

 Catalog number:

SAT288 | ER-010 | MHP 20-346

Official site:


Band e-mail:

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