Sunday, August 9, 2020

Soul Grinder - Chronicles Of Decay ( Review by Leviathan )

From Germany and from the same hell, we have here Soul Grinder,
to corrupt our souls The smell of sulfur invades everything and the

darkness chills hearts, a weapon is heard charging and they begin
 with "Infernal Suffering".
Hell is unraveling and demons roam the earth, with a singer
that with his voice would freeze the blood in your veins and with a

sound forcefulness,your soul will be possessed. "Flesh Defier" arrives 
with a spooky intro and then brutality hits us liquefying our brains 
with dizzying rhythms.

"Ruins Of Existence" even if you try to get out of hell, the diabolical chains of Soul
Grinder have you trapped, they will continue to crush your soul with heavy rhythms and speed
sonica.When you think you're safe, "My Unwilling Giver" will arrive to remind you
that demons are real and with their rhythms they will surround you dangerously to disappear
Suddenly, in a final cut it will leave you shaking with terror. And so from afar comes "Morbid Masquerade" with an overflowing speed and a lot of whiplash will run through your ears, to make you feel the diabolical sounds. "The Sun And The Serpent" makes the sky darken and as ancestral rites
make you go into a trance with the dark gods, hypnotic but powerful with very
well coupled, will unveil and move your soul. "The Delusionist" with a slower pace, with
Changes of rhythm will crush and crush you to make way for "Sings Of Declive" with some sounds of timpani that will disorient you but that the guitars quickly come into action and make you understand that you are still trapped in hell. The voice makes you feel like your soul burns in the abyss of the underworld. "March Of The Dead" is a brutal song, with a repetitive rhythm that will burn into your mind, imagine yourself in a maze trying to get out with this theme in the background.

When you believe that your soul cannot suffer anymore, "The Withering" arrives to show you that it can, powerful,with heavy rhythms `at times and accelerated at others, they make your insides stir.
If at this point in the album you haven't already broken your neck, you still have "Hymn Of Death" that makes the dead wake up hungry, with sounds that destroy your tympanums and roll your eyes. made black vomit, welcome back to life, you have survived your journey through Hell. If you think you are one of the chosen ones, this is your album.

Cheers and horns up!!!!
 Review by Leviathan

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