Saturday, September 12, 2020

ABATUAR – MORTANDAD (Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Panamanian War Metal band Abatuar’s new album “Mortandad”.
This album musically has the characteristics of a War Metal record, but it also combines this with Death Metal and especially Goregrind, and this mix gives an unprecedented brutality to the music that for some reason has remained pretty undiscovered.
Portraying violent scenes with a perfect sonic representation of them, this album doesn’t have any bit of rest from the merciless blasts and down tuned guitars that occasionally deliver shrieking solos. Under a demented voice that may fit in the most gruesome of Grindcore albums or in the most extreme of Brutal Death Metal albums, the music done by this band stands out for its violence and depravity.
With songs that seem to end only to drag you back into the mayhem and sudden unexpected changes you don’t know what will hit you next, but you can surely expect it to be heavy.
I recommend this album to fans of War Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore and Goregrind. The mix of these genres gives a beautifully putrid result that is perfectly displayed in every part of this band.

                                                      Review by Varg The Mighty




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