Thursday, September 17, 2020

ALYANZA : LIFE,HUMAN (Death Trash Metal - Spain )

Alyanza was born as a quintet in 2003 in Badalona. At first, they were focused on Power metal, style that was very popular at that time. As a result of that first phase of the band, they published "Cárcel 1939", a self released demo that allowed them to share stage with great spanish bands like "Tierra Santa", "Jorge Salán" or "Centinela". Bit by bit, they hardened their sound until, in 2008, Manu (guitar) and Andrés (bass and, from then on, vocals) decided to recruit Alfons (drums) to become a trio. It will be this band that in 2010, releases their first album "Mind Control", wich sounds closer to Thrash Metal, style in which they get consolidated with their second work "A New Beginning", that offers a crossroads of surprising forceful and elaborate melodies. A lot of gigs, among which stand out the twice participation at the "Rock Fest Barcelona" or "Ripollet Rock", and bills in wich Alyanza shares the stage with Sodom, Onslaught or Ministry, are the proof of their consolidation as a demanded band. In 2017, Alyanza released their third album “Gods” with the incorporation of Alberto (instead of Manu) and Edu, on guitars. In 2018, Marta joined the band, giving more solidity to the band sound, due the keyboards and choirs. In November 2019 they record what will be their fourth studio album. In January 2020, they become part of the TFF (The Fish Factory) record label, with which, in the summer of this year, they will publish the aforementioned album called "Life, human ..." And it's now when we can enjoy its most intense live show, with the defense of an album that brings us back an emerging and growing band

                                                      ALYANZA : "DIRECTIONS"


Cárcel 1939     Demo     2004      
Mind Control     Full-length     2011      
A New Beginning     Full-length     2012      
Gods     Full-length     2017    
Life,Human   2020

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