Sunday, September 6, 2020

BRZASK – BRZASK ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Polish Black Metal band Brzask have recently released their homonymous demo. With a quality much higher than most actual albums, these 3 songs offer us a great glimpse to the potential of this band, which will probably get quite known in the future.
With a voice most fit to Death Metal, they have a modern approach to Black Metal, that vocals-wise may remind of acts like Svartkonst or Gaerea, but the music is very immersive, more than most bands.
With down-tuned guitars that deliver riffs in the purest Polish style, Mgla may be the first influence to come to mind when listening to this. Their particular sound is kind of different though, since they seem to be more dissonant even if they play arpeggios in the same style.
This demo is crushingly low tuned, much more than your average Black Metal. With this tone, they manage to achieve a degree of darkness that with standard tuning is harder to find, especially with a great voice like this to accompany.
I definitely recommend checking out this demo if you like Black Metal or Black Death Metal, especially in the particular style of Poland. With every time you listen to this you will enjoy it more. Once they manage to release a full-length, an incredible potential will probably be unveiled.

 Review by Varg The Mighty

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