Sunday, September 6, 2020

Contrarian - 'Only Time Will Tell'

Progressive Death Metal titans CONTRARIAN are set to release their fourth album, Only Time Will Tell, on Willowtip Records!

The "new school of old school progressive death metal" is how CONTRARIAN is described; creating death metal that is authentically original with a natural memory and understanding of the old. Rooted in early 90's progressive death metal, but with an unrelenting forward-thinking approach. Spearheaded by guitar player Jim Tasikas, CONTRARIAN is a group of like-minded musicians that coincidentally converged on a vision of what a modern death metal band should sound like. Organic sounding, yet aggressive and melodically complex, CONTRARIAN is packed with snake-like riffage and atmospheric variations that will provide a wholly enticing listen to all those willing to take in its eccentricity.

CONTRARIAN is thinking man's metal, both musically and lyrically. The band uses methods of fantasy and escapism to convey ideas involving philosophy, theology, and science. CONTRARIAN has been on a campaign to promote thinking man’s metal for a long time. Organic and passionate playing, dignified studio recording methods that reflects an understanding of the craft competence, evolution and succession of diverse metal history over decades.

Only Time Will Tell is CONTRARIAN's fourth studio album. Once again, a concept album that deals with the band's familiar topics of philosophy and theology. This time, the band's mascot  ' the cloaked contrarian" endeavors on an adventure of time travel for redemption and love.



Jim Tasikas - Guitars
Brian Mason - Guitars
Bill Bodilly - Bass
Bryce Butler - Drums
Cody McConnell - Vocals


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