Sunday, September 6, 2020

Gloomy Grim - New single called "The Hermit"

The band started in 1995 in Finland as a one-man-band by Agathon’s will to make music in his own terms. In addition to horror film soundtracks, the biggest inspiration for Agathon has always been the dark life itself. As the music evolved, Agathon decided it’s time to gather a full band around him.
Since then, Gloomy Grim have released six full length albums and they have toured all over Finland, Baltic, Russia and Europe.

New single called "The Hermit" will be out at 9.9. 12:00 worldwide. Presave it from here:

For firsthand listening and press material go here:

Agathon: Vocals
Micko Hell: Guitar
Nukklear Tormentörr: Bass
Agitator: Drums


Youtube channel:
Facebook page:


Fuck the World, Kill the Jehova! Demo 1996
Friendship Is Friendship, War Is War! Demo 1997
Blood, Monsters, Darkness Full-length 1998
Reborn Through Hate Boxed set 1998
Born in Fire Video 2000
Life? Full-length 2000
Written in Blood Full-length 2001
The Grand Hammering Full-length 2004
Promopack 2006 Video 2006
Tapetum Lucidum EP 2007
Under the Spell of the Unlight Full-length 2008
Grim Fate Single 2011
Grimoire Demo 2014
The Age Of Aquarius Full-lenght 2016
Obscure Metamorphisis EP 2018

Single "The Hermit" 2020


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