Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Iliour Griften - "The essence of power Pt.1" in full version on YouTube to celebrate one year after its release.



"The essence of Power Pt.1" is the first solo album by Iliour Griften (Registered in Giuseppe Sbriglio) released on 14 September 2019 in memory of Andre Matos (historic Angra singer who passed away on June 8 of the same year).

The album is meant to be a collection of songs inspired by major exponents of the "Power Metal" genre from Helloween to the Stratovarius and Angra via Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Labyrinth, Vision Divine and Domine to name a few and therefore it is to be considered a tribute to these great artists that have accompanied Iliour since adolescence.

The album was completely composed and arranged by Iliour, the recordings have occurred in various studies since the realization was attended by guests from all over the world such as for example we want to remember Matias Kupiainen (guitarist of

StratovariuS in the song "Born to burn", Alex Landenburg (drummer of Kamelot, ex LT Rhapsody, in almost the whole album), Federico Gatti (Ancient Bard and Wind Rose drummer), the virtuosos Tommy Vitaly, Kakhi Kiknadze, Zoly Zoltan and many others.

Finally, mixing and mastering was done by Iliour Griften in his private practice.

One year after its release today it is possible to listen to the album in full version via the YouTube playlist that we report below:

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