Friday, September 25, 2020


Today’s review is of Indonesian Black Death Metal band Incinerated’s debut album, “Stellar Abomination”, a blunt showcase of old-school power.
With a voice almost like Possessed and riffs that bring you back to the late 80’s Death Metal scene combined with the early 90’s Black Death Metal scene, this album is plagued with catchy songs and talent.
Unlike most bands of their style now, they don’t have the need to play repetitively at 200 bpm to be extreme and dark, their sound is much more different and unique, and on this album they have a lot of interesting songs and a couple of eerie interludes. I personally highlight “Fleshtemple Sanctify” and “Doom Legion”.
This band has a very good potential, combining the darkness and slight dissonance of Black Metal with the raw power of primitive Death Metal, we shall impatiently await more music from this great band.
I definitely recommend this album to fans of OSDM and Black Death Metal.

                                                     Review by Varg The Mighty


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