Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Along with their debut, Colombian Brutal Death Metal band Internal Suffering’s album “Unmercyful Extermination” is also re-released, so it shall be reviewed.
This album has no stylistic difference to their debut, it includes the same amount of brutality, maybe slightly better recorded. With the repetitive violence so common in the genre, they once again deliver some decent Brutal Death Metal, and together with this album, you also have their songs from the split with Inducting Terror and 2 live songs from their 2004 Brutal Domination Tour. With this, you can hear how their chaotic music in fact wins much more power played live.
It may be tiring to listen to the whole album if you’re not into the genre, but a couple of songs may be fun to hear, and in this case the highlights may be “Outside Dwellers” and “Valley Of The Impaled”. The brutality of their music is perfectly portrayed in each of their songs, with not a single bit of rest.
I recommend this album if you enjoy Brutal Death Metal, it is a perfectly common and good album of the style.

 Review by Varg The Mighty

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