Friday, September 11, 2020

Invincible Force - 'Decomposed Sacramentum' ( Black Thrash)

Five years after their debut album, INVINCIBLE FORCE are back with their new, destructive full-length Decomposed Sacramentum.

Formed in 2008, INVINCIBLE FORCE initially played a black/thrash sound more typical of bands like Destruction, even borrowing their name from the German band’s debut album opener. As the band grew, their sound evolved. 2015’s Satan Rebellion Metal was already verging on far more extreme and aggressive shores, Decomposed Sacramentum goes one step even further, leaving behind their early, more scholarly aspirations in favor of something far more sinister.

While the album only lasts 27 minutes, it’s a relentless whirlwind of proto-death, hysterical thrash and demonic atmosphere full of riffs and blast beats worthy of MORBID ANGEL ‘Abomination Of Desolation’-era or INCUBUS.

INVINCIBLE FORCE have come of age, blasting heaven’s gates wide open in the process…and there shall be no prisoners.

Decomposed Sacramentum is perfectly illustrated by the bleak B&W cover artwork designed by David Jorquera


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Track list:

1. Doomed by the Vision
2. Perpetual Black Mass
3. The Covenant
4. The Shadow Over Canaan
5. Illusion of Truth
6. Damned by Noise & Lust
7. Abufihamat
8. Decomposed Sacramentum
9. Hopeless Mortality


Enzodomizer - Guitar
Deadgoat - Guitar
Skullfukk - Drums and vocals
Cristian Contreras - Bass



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