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LEATHER BOYS “Born in the Seventies”

Year of formation: 2006 Origin of the group: Avilés and Vistrimir
Current members:
Voice - "Leather Rose"
Guitar 1 - "Leather Sex"
Guitar 2 - “Leather Dirty Duke”
Drums - “Leather Buddy”
Bass - "Leather Latin Lover"

Single: We ́re Livin ́in a Bar (2008) Self-released
Disc: Real Leather (2011) Self-released
Album: Back in the Streets (2014) Self-released
EP: Decade of Decadence (2017) Self-released
Disco: Born in the 70’s (2020) The Fish Factory


 -They began to compose and began their journey with several acoustic concerts, which
They obtained good repercussion from both public and critics, so they decided to take the step to
complete the band to be able to perform electric concerts. They were joined on guitar by Ricardo Herrero
Sariego (Luis Alberto's brother) who played in groups of the Mierense scene such as “the Burning last”
or “Fago Cowboys”, they also recruited bassist and drums, although throughout these years they have had
various line-up changes. Carlos Menendez Sevillano (Los Buddy Holly’s,
Capitán Cavernícola, Madera Rock) and on the bass is back his original bassist Javier Val Álvarez (
Flagelum dei, Ofensivos). After the departure of Ricardo Herrero, Efren Rodríguez is on second guitar

 -At the end of 2008 they entered a contest with the theme “We ́re Livin ́ in a Bar” to be the
Spanish representative of Eurovision at the 2009 festival held in Russia. The selection was made to
through the Internet with votes from the public, being selected from more than 1000 contestants and
later passing a casting for RTVE with another 30 participants. Against all odds
they managed to be selected along with 9 other contestants and they managed to act on TVE1 at the galas
televised by Alaska.
-In October 2010, after considering several producers, they began to record their debut album “Real
Leather ”at the Bunker studios in Posada de Llanera with Alberto Rionda (Avalanch) in the work of
production, to end at the end of December with the master. They got a personal rock sound
with metal influences but with some Glam touch and they baptized their sound as "Leather Rock", in the
wave of bands like Guns and roses, Mötley crue, Kiss or the Cult ..

-From mid-2011 to mid-2013 they presented the album by the Spanish geography: Madrid,
Barcelona, ​​Basque Country, León, Galicia, Asturias ... etc, receiving very good reviews from the media
specialized such as rock and roll magazines Popular 1, Ruta 66, Rock Estatal, Mondosonoro ... etc.
 As in various specialized websites obtaining a certain impact outside our borders in
several websites specialized in Rock.
NEW DISC AND NEW TOUR (2013-2014):
-In mid-2013 the group decides to end the “Real Leather Tour” and decides
shutting himself up in the rehearsal room to prepare what will be the continuation of his debut album.
-A year later in July (2014) they start recording at the ACME studio in Miranda (Asturias)
with the renowned producer and musician Miguel Herrero looking for a more classic and vintage sound, with
clear influences of the Hard rock of the 70s, although keeping its essence 80s and updating it with some
touches 90s. Getting a raw sound but at the same time elegant and full of nuances.

-The album featured the collaboration of several established artists from the Asturian music scene such as
the guitarist and singer Tonino Bustamante (Marvel, Brecha, Tres Jabalíes, Kwen..etc.), the singer
Ramon Lage (Avalanch, Paco Jones, Geysser, Human ... etc.), The saxophonist Juan Flores (Ilegales), the
singer Flichy Hickock (Fago cowboys), guitarist Camilo Varón (Varon y los Dandies), singer
Laura Gonzalez (Kwen) and the multi-instrumentalist Miguel Herrero (Alexandra in grey, Alto Volto...etc.) Who
In addition to producing the album, he collaborates as drums, guitarist, choirs and keyboards in most of the
songs from the album, becoming involved as the sixth member of the group to get the best final product.
-The cover design was carried out by the illustrator from Miere "German Lopez" who has several
Published works of considerable notoriety and has been nominated for the AMAS 2015 awards.

-The mastering was carried out at the Green Desert Mastering Studios by Kike Sanchís.
-At the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 the album was presented in Asturias obtaining very good
criticism and a large influx of public in all its dates, but due to several changes in the
formation, the group had to postpone the tour and cancel some concerts of their presentation for the
rest of the state.
-Guitarist Leather Dangerous Dick Left the band to pursue other musical projects and
was replaced by Leather Dirty Duke, just as Leather Preacher's drum set was
occupied by Leather Sixty Nine, debuting in the Asturian television contest Festiamas 2015, in the
which the band qualified for the final held in September 2015 in Oviedo.
-The specialized state and foreign media once again praise the album as one of the
best of 2015, the group spends part of 2015 and 2016 presenting it in Asturias, Galicia and Madrid.

-At the end of 2016, the tenth anniversary of the formation of the band is celebrated and the process of
composition to record new songs in a commemorative EP entitled "Decade of
Decadence "with old themes that had not yet seen the light, recorded by the old formation and
new songs recorded by the current line-up, thus combining past, present and future in this new
launching. New songs are once again recorded, produced and mastered in the studios
ACME with Miguel Herrero where his previous album was recorded.
-The EP came out in February 2017 receiving rave reviews and appearing on top charts
Highlight of the Year, lasting the tour until the end of 2018.

Right now with the new line-up well shot, they have finished their new album “Born in the
Seventies ”, which will be released on September 25 through the label“ The Fish Factory ”.
The “Born in the 70’s tour” will begin in Avilés on September 26 and dates will be confirmed
little by little while the pandemic takes a breather.

Advances of his new album "Born in the 70's"
Fly Free (Blacksmith) ft. Leather Dangerous Dick

Born in the 70’s


Flower Power

Vídeos de sus anteriores discos.
Leather Boys - Decade of Decadence (2018)
Leather Boys - Butterfly Wings - ft. Law Gonzalez & Toni B.B. (2017)
Leather Boys - Leather Gunner (Explicit) ft.Flichy Hickock (2015)
Nominations and main performances:
-Activity in the TPA live for the program "Con dos de azucar" in December 2008.
-Selected in 2008 from more than 1000 groups through popular voting and casting for
participate in the televised galas of RTVE that would select the representative of eurovisión 2009.
Performing live in the semifinal galas on TVE1 on 02/22/2009 in the program “El Retorno
Eurovision 2009 "
-Action in the Villabona de Asturias prison on 09/19/2009 broadcast by the TPA.
-Activity at the festival la mar de noise 08/20/2010 supporting Micky
-Selected to participate in the Rock city of Oviedo 2011
-Real Leather included among the 10 best state rock and metal albums of 2011 ranked # 9 according to the
Musicopolis website.
-Nominated to the AMAS 2012 awards as best live band

-Teloneros de los Suaves in their concert at the Quattro hall (Avilés) 05/11/2012
-In March 2014 Inclusion of the songs “Long road” and “Searching for a badgirl” in the documentary
Italian on Formula 1 "Come si diventa mechanic di Formula one" from the producer
-Teloneros of the Swedish band "Casablanca" in the Acapulco Room in Gijón 01/22/2014 that counts in its
ranks with world renowned guitarist "RyanRoxie" (Alice Cooper, Slash, Gilby Clarke) with the
that the group performed a live version of Alice Cooper.
-Finalists of Festiamas 2015 (09/21/2015) performing in the square in the Cathedral of Oviedo




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