Sunday, September 13, 2020

Living Darkness - “The Bishop”


We are Living Darkness, and so are you..."

Directly from the United States comes Living Darkness, a new heavy metal band, founded by Jeff Aldana, that hit the Los Angeles scene in early 2019.

His official phrase is: "We are Living Darkness and you too ...." a dark proposal, with power, passion and relentless energy.

The band consists of very dynamic vocals, loud and powerful guitars, a feminine touch on the bass, and very energetic drums.

 Few bands can balance a traditional influence with their own sound, image and vision.

The image of the band and the one on the next album is their own character called the Bishop.

Jeffrey Aldana - Voice
Michael Zamora - Guitarist
Anakin Reinhardt - Guitarist
Danielle Gomez - Bassist
Peter Lemieux- Drummer


- Living Darkness is officially part of the Killsound productions roster.

- The band will premiere their official video "Evil Embrace" on September 15th.

- Living Darkness has their debut album ready to release on October 9 of this year, with the Metal Assault Records label, with which they recently just signed.

The Bishop track list:
1. Pardon Us (intro) (0:44)
2. Stranger Things (3:25)
3. Evil Embrace (4:25)
4. Swimming in A Grave (5:05)
5. Unity in Red (4:10)
6. Destructible (3:32)
7. Angela Rose (5:03)
8. Blood On Fire (5:22)
9. Delusion (4:16)
10. Break The Chains (5:51)

Duration: 42 minutes

* Mix and Master by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound

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