Saturday, September 12, 2020

Luna 13 Releases New Split With Suicide Queen & Stirs Controversy In The Media!

LUNA13 tells Q Anon and Christianity “Don’t point pedophilia at Witches and Satanists, you do these things”

LUNA13 wants Q Anon and Christians to know that when it comes to pedophilia, Witches and Satanists have the moral right and strongly oppose child abuse of any kind. Dr Luna of LUNA13 (Left Hand Path-Witches) says “There has been a powerful surge of positive energy among those on darker paths and I am not going to watch all that hard work go to the wayside so a new group of highly delusional cults try to take our work away from us. Also these groups and cults do exactly what they accuse satanists and witches of doing. If us witches heard of someone in our coven molesting children they would be removed if not destroyed.” Read more HERE!


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