Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Make Millennials Great Again' is here, the new Pinball Wizard job

Formed in 2007 by its guitarist Joey DeadCat in the Guadalquivir marshes (Seville)

The hard rock band was opening a hole in the world of the Underground presenting two works E.P Let My Head Fly and E.P Rock and roll Ladies both in (2008)

After a long period of inactivity, the current vocalist Memphis Jiménez joined the group, a powerful, heartbreaking voice and an overwhelming personality on stage it was the year (2014)

With the arrival of David Gatica to the bass of the band in 2018, the band accompanies the international Thundermother and The Quireboys on their tours of Spain.

The formation is completed with the incorporation of Álvaro León (2019) to the drumsticks that provide the band with the perfect fusion to make it one of the most powerful Rock bands in our country.

Awards achieved to date

V Guillena Suena (2016)

 III Jóvenes Talentos de Alhaurín el grande (2016)

Néstor Talent Show (2017)

WOA Metal Battle Finalists (2018)

-2008-E.P Let My Head Fly
-2008-E.P Rock and roll Ladies
-2015-Singles Down the Road
-2017-L.P Shout It Out and Break the Sound
-2019-Single The New Generation
-2020-E.P Make Millenials Great Again

                             On August 24, the first single "We Will Burn" was released.
                                                       So far it has 2757 views.

Make Millenials Great Again First concerts confirmed!
Synopsis: Composed of 5 eclectic songs, they mix the old sounds of rock with the 21st century Its composition and production open a new chapter in their discography

The band comments "We are willing to be part of the resistance making ROCK'N'ROLL and we are clear that they will not stop us because we are the reflection of our time and we want a place in it"

The album has been recorded at Pancake Analog Recording by Fernando Zambruno, mixed and mastered at Sputnik Recording Studios by Jordi Gil.

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