Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Melodius Deite - Elysium (Symphonic Power Metal - Thailand)

Melodius Deite is the Symphonic Melodic Progressive Power Metal band co-founded by Biggie P. Phanrath , Bookkie P. Phanrath and Oatdy P. Keartpanich. Later on, Ake N. Keartpanich and Ohm S. Dejkong. The first album was emphasized on the catchy, beautiful and powerful melody in Melodic Power Metal style. In the second one, they developed their skills in all aspects; a more delicate composition, more elegant arrangements, more complex music and stories, a much better production and more experienced skills of each member have been shown. The third album is titled “Episode III: The Archangels And The Olympians” released back in 2018, with Lean Van Ranna from Brazil as the vocalist. A powerful album mixed between Power Metal and Progressive Metal with the fantastic catchy melody and Classical elements, presented with majestic heavy sound production by Karlin Studio. And now they have come up with the fourth album called “Elysium”. A modern album with the combination of Power Metal, Progressive Metal and Death Metal; decorated by a movie soundtrack ambient along with some modern stuff like Djent, lots of extreme elements can be heard. For this album, all new members joined the band with Biggie Phanrath, the founder and original member. And again, all sound productions by Karlin Studio. This album will be released worldwide through Art Gates Records. 

Mashahiro Yamaguchi (Yama - B) - Vocals
Biggie Phanrath - Guitars
Diego Zapatero - Keyboards
Saton Tinnaluk - Drums
Chanin Shinken - Bass


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