Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Memoremains - "The Cost of Greatness" Self-Released | Release: 16/10/2020

Memoremains - "The Cost of Greatness"
Pop Metal from Finland


Add together catchy pop melodies, headbanging metal riffs, groovy disco beats and a hint of symphonic epicness and you have the recipe for Memoremains.

Mixing the most fertile elements of metal, pop and disco, Memoremains have created a recognizable sound that stands apart from similar artists in the genre. While the influences echo clearly throughout their music, Memoremains brings something new, creative and refreshing to the scene.

Scheduled to be released on October 16, their debut album "The Cost of Greatness" was recorded by Mikko Kujanpää, mixed by Atte O. Pohjonen (Gut Punch Audio) and mastered by Samu Oittinen (Fantom Studio).




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