Friday, September 25, 2020

nether - Between Shades and Shadows (Black Metal - Belgium)

nether is a raw yet melodic black metal band from Belgium founded in 2019. The band is a collection of individuals who all have their roots in the local black metal scene for several decades. The band consists of ex - members of known and less known extreme acts as there are Signs of Darkness, Necrosis and Insanity Reigns Supreme. The music was recorded by P and was then mixed and mastered by famous Andy Classen (Stage One Studio). The logo was created by Christhophe Szpajdel, a well know underground artist. Cover art is delivered by Artem Gordienko an artist from Ukraine. The tree that is used in the logo is a strong symbol that translates the idea that everyone of us, every individual has deep roots, deep roots in the earth, thats why we have to search the core of every individual even if it is dark and well hidden deep inside ("nether"). Their debut album “Between Shades and Shadows” will be released worldwide October 30th through Art Gates Records.


J - Vocals/Bass
P - Guitars
K - Guitars
B - Drums



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