Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ninth Circle - Echo Black (Review by Alex Mandel )


  Soft, if there is a word to define this album, it is that it is soft. A catchy hard rock with a very good vibes. It goes in so well that you don't even realize it's over. Maybe 13 songs are too many because as you listen to them they are less remarkable but it does not become heavy at all, quite the opposite.
The intro of the siren is perhaps already too repetitive but the rest is that it is only heard. He is already getting on well until the homonymous song, Echo Black, which is obviously one of the high points of the album.
Ninth Circle practices a very nice style, very accessible. If there were a parallel, they would be comparable to High Spirits.
Maybe 13 songs are too many but there are pearls like Tokyo Nights that really wake you up. They really transmit, they are not strong, but it really is one of those records that you never tire of listening to.

                                               Review by Alex Mandel


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