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 Nott was born in 2002 from the mind of Mortifero, also known at that old time as Archvile. The only goal to achieve was to play traditional Black Metal, serving Death.
In 2003 was released the first demo, "The Fall of the Succumbings", consisting in six songs, an outro and a hidden Darkthrone cover, "Graven takeheimens saler": for this release Mortifero sang, played the guitar and bass and programmed the drums.
In 2004 was released by Lombroso the first EP, entitled "A trilogy of Death", with three songs linked by a death concept: All Life - On The Downward Path - To Annihilation. At the end of this EP was added the entire first demo, as bonus material.
After these two recordings Mortifero composed nine songs, ready to be recorded: due to some
difficulties on finding a real drummer and other troubles Mortifero put this project on ice for a long hiatus.In 2008 Mortifero together with Noctuaria formed Nebrus, an old school black metal with experimental female voice. Two songs of their debut cd "From the Black Ashes" ("Apocalypse" and "Chains") were intended to appear on Nott never released album.

In 2013 Mortifero decided to resume this black metal project: this time he was able to play drums too, sohe decided to record everything on his own. In december 2013 saw the light the first full lenght, "The Grave Age", out for Obscurus Records.
In 2015, after two years, Mortifero is back with a new album of pure old school black metal, “Immaculate Eclipse”, released by american label Razed Soul. The album features 4 guests from underground Black Metal scene, such as Noctuaria from Nebrus, Akerbeltz from Korgull The Exterminator, Dave from Entirety and Necro Krieg from Hexenfaust/Malignance/Souls of Enoch.
Between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 Mortifero recorded the third Nott album, this time
entirely sung in italian. The work was reamped, mixed and mastered in Sweden, by Jonsson (he worked with bands such as Sorcery, Hooded Menace, Serpent Omega) at DarkProd. The album is released by Obscurus Records, in limited handnumbered digipack edition, the 22nd September 2017.
In September 2018 Obscurus Records released in CD format the EP “Vestigium Mortis”, containing 5 old tracks composed in 2003/2004 and never released plus an intro and outro composed and performed by Noctuaria.
In February 2019 Obscurus Records released in digital and strictly limited to 33 Cdr copies Nott's first live record entitled “Vitam Mortis – Live @ Centrale”, containing the whole Nott's live performance at Centrale's Pub inErba, with the following line up:
Noctuaria (from Nebrus/FDP):vocals
Abraxas (from Kaiserreich/Necrutero):guitar
Amon (from Kaiserreich/Necrutero):bass
 In June /July of the same year Mortifero with producer J.Priest, recorded the 4th Nott album, simply entitled “4”.

Current Discography:
2003: “The Fall Of The Succumbings” (demo-selfproduced CDr format)
2004: “A Trilogy Of Death” (EP-Lombroso CDr format)
2013: “The Grave Age” (album-Obscurus Records Cdr format, limited to 66 copies)
2015: “Immaculate Eclipse” (album-Razed Soul Productions CD format)
2017: “Disfacimento” (album-Obscurus Records CD format)
2018: “Vestigium Mortis” (EP-Obscurus Records CD format)
2019: “Vitam Mortis – Live @ Centrale” (Live album-Obscurus Records Digital+CDr format, limited to 33 copies)
2019: “4” (album-Imperatrix Mundi Records CD format)

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