Sunday, September 27, 2020

NUBIVAGANT stream AMOR FATI debut at - features members of DARVAZA, FIDES INVERSA

Today, black metal iconoclasts Nubivagant stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Roaring Eye, at esteemed cultural journal Set for international release on September 30th via Amor Fati Productions, hear Nubivagant's Roaring Eye in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Although brand-new in name, the man behind Nubivagant possesses the collective experience of over decades in the black metal scene: multi-instrumentalist Omega, who concurrently helms the well-respected Darvaza and Fides Inversa and plays drums in a multitude of hordes, including (but certainly not limited to) Frostmoon Eclipse, Enepsigos, Blut Aus Nord, Chaos Invocation, Kult, and Ukraine's Moloch among many others. Nevertheless, Nubivagant is to be taken as Omega's most personal work to date, handling as does all the instruments as well as vocals.

Roaring Eye is the provocative title of Nubivagant's debut recording, a full-length album encompassing six songs in 40 minutes. Black metal the muse may be, but Roaring Eye transcends conventional definitions of the form whilst not losing its original occult essence. Front and center are the soul-stirring vocals of Omega, a clean-toned timbre that strike closer to classic deathrock than the usual "metal" iterations of such. From there, ceaselessly roiling waves of hypnotic, utterly mesmerizing atmosphere are doled out from the band's clanging-yet-crystalline strings. Immersive to the hilt, the drumming underneath anchors this sound-womb with steady, sturdy intent. Nubivagant channels the voice of the dying and the emptiness of despair, making the album a paradoxically emboldening experience. Behold the brilliant vision of their Roaring Eye!

Fully behold that brilliant vision exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Nubivagant's Roaring Eye
1. Wonders Of The Invisible World [9:17]
2. The Furnace Of Apollyon [6:38]
3. One Eye Upon The Grave [7:34]
4. Crawling The Earth [7:09]
5. Solemn Peals [2:43]
6. The Plague Of Flesh [6:24]



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