Monday, September 28, 2020

PERCEIVED - "Darkening"

"Darkening" is the third and final single to be released from the forthcoming debut EP by the Dallas, TX based rock band Perceived. Attached you'll find the singles artwork, the mp3, and the ISRC code for the track "Darkening'' as well as a promo photo of the band and logo. The official release date is Friday October 2nd at 12:00a.m. Should you choose to air this track before it's official release date, please add a note that it is a sneak preview. Thank you for your time and consideration .   

Bio -
Perceived is a three piece rock band out of Dallas Texas. Formed in May of 2018, long time friends of over 20 years, Chris Bell and Charlie McBride, decided to get together and work on some old songs as well as write new material with the help of their very good friend and bass player, Kevin Crawley. After a few rehearsals, it was very noticeable that things were just starting to click naturally between the three. After writing and working on material for over a year, Perceived played their first show in May of 2019 to a well received crowd and has since performed with multiple local and national acts all around the DFW area. With so many different influences, their sound can't really be described by one genre. Their dynamic compositions range from melodic melodies to heavier breakdowns. Due to release their debut EP Friday October 30th, Perceived is definitely a band to keep an eye (or ear) out for.


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