Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Saprophyte In Bloom Is Band Of The Month - September 2020 (Death/Thrash/Symphonic)

For fans of Therion, Eluveitie, Nightwish

Saprophyte In Bloom destroys the polls this month with 28,205 votes!

"We are a Death/Thrash/Symphonic Metal Project who likes to mix and match different genres. The only permanent members are me (Dennis Blohm Hedlund) and my wife (Oksana Blohm Hedlund) ; the other musicians are friends of ours or paid musicians."

Female Fronted Metal Project from Sweden formed in November 2019 by singer Oksana Blohm Hedlund and drummer Dennis Blohm Hedlund after departing from a previous band after multiple disagreements and conflicts. After that Oksana and Dennis decided to start their own project.

Saprophyte In Bloom - it’s beautiful but in the same time brutal music consisting of many contrasts, swinging rhythms, different genres of metal like death, thrash, heavy, symphonic, etc. Lyrical crystal vocals by Oksana switches to rasps and brutal growls while virtuoso guitar playing and groovy but tight drums with “out-of-the-box” thinking.

All the music and lyrics Oksana and Dennis are creating together. All the guitar and bass parts for the first EP was recorded by guitarist-virtuoso Andreas Lindgren.

Album Cover
Track List:

01 - The City Of Shadows
02 - When Roots Are Rotten
03 - You Think You Win When You Lose Feat. Thomas Vikström (Therion)

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