Tuesday, September 8, 2020

SECOND TO SUN – LEVIATHAN (Review By Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Russian Black Metal band Second To Sun’s upcoming album “Leviathan”, out on September 27th.
Starting with the long and heavy song “Eerie”, you start to realise how diverse this album is, which each song having a completely different style within Black Metal, from the dark “Marsch der Wölfe” to the Post-Black Metal “I Psychoanalize My Ghosts”, to the fast and classic “Shaitan”, to the unsettling “The Engraving of Gustave Doré”. This album is so diverse that you will never know what to expect from the next song.
This freedom within the genre all falls under the same kind of vocals in the unique and perfect style of early Gorgoroth, and is aided by a great musicianship, especially with the bass guitar, which does much more than in most bands. Also, the sound and us of the keyboards is quite unusual and helps a lot to give a particular aura to the music that manages to keep the whole album together despite the differences of the songs.
This band is very unique and hard to compare, I recommend checking it out once the album is released, and you may enjoy it if you’re into any and every kind of Black Metal. In the meantime, they have a long discography of also enjoyable music.

 Review By Varg The Mighty

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