Tuesday, September 15, 2020

SOULSKINNER: Greek death metallers debut new single; New release details announced





Greek death metallers SOULSKINNER have just revealed details of what will be their 5th album, to be entitled "Seven Bowls of Wrath". The band's new offering is set to be released on November 11th, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD & 12"LP formats.
SOULSKINNER are now streaming the first single to be extracted from "Seven Bowls of Wrath". Listen to "The Destroyer of Worlds" right here:





Formed in the year 2000 and with 4 albums under their belts, SOULSKINNER have made a name for themselves within the Greek scene in their 20-year history. "Seven Bowls of Wrath" will be their 5th opus and the 3rd one to be released by Xtreem Music. Although the band presents itself without their original vocalist Gothmog, SOULSKINNER have managed to keep their essence intact where brutality, heaviness and epic melodies, offering a personal style that defines the spirit of the band. Without a doubt, this new album will not disappoint any of their followers and will get many new ones. This time, the cover has been made by Juanjo Castellano, another masterpiece, as you can see!





Tracklist for "Seven Bowls of Wrath" is as follows:

01. Tetraktys
02. Night
03. The Principles of Truth 
04. Eternal
05. Regeneration of the Soul
06. Primitive Light
07. Seven Bowls of Wrath
08. Angel of Darkness
09. The Destroyer of Worlds
10. The Death Seal

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