Saturday, September 12, 2020

Star Mafia Boy - "Killerkool"


Francisco José Rodríguez Pinto better known as Star Mafia Boy (or Mafia) is a
singer, guitarist and composer from Madrid influenced by Johnny Thunders, KISS,
T.Rex, Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls (among many others) with 10 albums released with
different bands(Ausentes, Corazones Negros, M 99, Guitar Mafia) & 9 In solitary
how SMB:
1970 (Kromatic Music 2009)
La Noche de Los Vampiros (Anoroc Entertainment NYC 2010)
Arkana Cabaret (Vaso Music 2012)
En Directo en la Gruta 77 (Vaso Music 2013)
Kamikaze Diablo (Vaso Music 2014)
Rock & Roll Suicide 7" (Ghost Highway 2014)
SMB Underground Hits (Vaso Music 2015)
Adicto a la Pelea (Vaso Music 2016)
20th Century Boy 7" (SNAP!! Records 2017)
Live in London (SNAP!! Records 2018)
GLAM (SNAP!! Records 2019)



His album Kamikaze Diablo was chosen as the best national album of 2014 in various
publications including the mythical Popular 1 magazine (ahead of artists of the stature
of Bunbury, Loquillo o M Clan among others)
He has been playing throughout the peninsula for several years and in recent years he has also toured
regularly by Inglaterra (London, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham,
Pentrich/Derbyshire, Blackburn, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Newcastle), Portugal and
Helsinki (Finland)
Apart from his albums he has collaborated on albums by different musicians (The Diesel
Dogs, Antigua, Moscú Babies (producing their first album), Banda Cojones, Chico
Diablo, Desastre, Johnny B Nasty, Superriffs, Juan Thomas, La Banda del Destierro, Chus
León, Terminal 6, Caravana Underground, etc) highlighting his appearances in
North American jobs Peep Show Junkies (End Decent Exposure), and Burning
(Vivo y Salvaje - Warner Music 2015)



He has also shared the stage with some of the best rock artists and bands.
of all the world: Michael Monroe, Warrior Soul, New Generation Superstars, The
Dead Daisies, The Cynics, The Almighty, Crystal Pistol, Ross The Boss, The Brew, Pretty
Boy Floyd, Rock City Morgue, Bella Bestia, Motociclón, Señor No, The Last Vegas, Prima
Donna, Bubblegum Screw, Attaque 77, Stala & SO, Groupie High School, The New
Roses, Güru, Mammoth Mammoth, Electric Boys, etc, etc
In April 2016 he made an extensive and successful tour as a guitarist for the legends of the
Canadian Punk Rock "The Black Halos" throughout Spain, Portugal and England
Adicto a la Pelea was voted best national album of 2016 in more than 20
publications including the mythical magazine Popular 1 (for the second time)
Nominated for Best International Artist at the 2017 TBFM Music Industry Awards
He is the only Spanish artist in history with an album recorded live in London.
Musicians of the stature of Johnny Burning and Nico Álvarez have collaborated on his albums
(Burning - Spain), New Generation Superstars (UK), Pollo (Commando 9mm - Spain),
Javier Mira and Juan Olmos (Punto de Mira - Spain) or Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul - USA)
among many others
GLAM was voted best national album of 2019 in more than 20 publications
specializedAt the beginning of 2020, SMB signs for the record company The Fish Factory with whom it publishes,throughout 2020, his new title album "Killerkool"
"Killerkool" is his tenth solo album (number 20 of his career), produced by
Astray at the Fonorraptor Studios in Madrid, Rock and Roll High Energy totally
sung in Spanish only for lovers of strong emotions and
quality music.
Elena González / Jefa de Prensa / “

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