Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Glorious Dead and Eave Now Available!

Released Today!
-The Glorious Dead - Into Lifeless Shrines LP
Crushing N. Michigan death metal!

-Eave - Phantoms Made Permanent LP
Emotive and anguished forest metal from the East Coast!

Both releases come with a CD copy of the album and each release has a t-shirt option as well!!

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Both albums are also available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes and all other digital platforms. Should you choose to spin on the go... Bindrune has you covered!

Also.... thank you to everyone who participated in our sale! it was a huge success.Orders are being packaged as quickly as possible!

Each release comes with a CD. Shirt designs for both bands also available!

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The Glorious Dead - Into Lifeless Shrines

Album Details
-Comes with a CD and Download Card
-Grey and white merge with black and green splatter vinyl
-2 sided insert
-Heavy jacket
-Standard weight vinyl

With songs that range from blasting intensity, to a more down-trodden doom crawl, the music of The Glorious Dead is focused on memorable and diseased sounding riffs lurking at it's core. A stylistic diversity that finds worship in the 80's darkened thrash movement, co-exists with the cemented foundation of pure and ancient death metal. This diversity arises from a clear vision curated by all the members of the band who's influences span back to extreme metal's formative years.

We are proud to bring you what is Bindrune Recording's debut death metal release and we hope it appeals to the primordial nature of your extreme metal composition.

Eave - Phantoms Made Permanent

Album Details:
-Comes with a CD and Download Card
-Clear blue vinyl with black smoke
-2 sided insert
-Heavy jacket
-Standard weight vinyl

Maine's Eave have returned and with their debut offering for Bindrune Recordings, and have emerged from the sonic forest to divulge their heartfelt blend of emotive black influenced metal mixed with powerful atmosphere.

Densely dissonant riffs enchant with memorable melodies, only to be taken further by inspired harmonies and moving dynamics where the aggression is stripped away to reveal quieter/more gentle moments of introspection. Distant howling vocals compound the feelings of being lost and alone and are the perfect vehicle to twist this material into a darkened void.

Eave are a very well developed and mature songwriting entity and we at Bindrune Recordings are thrilled to bring this, the bands 2nd full-length album, to the masses.

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Both albums slated for release on or before June 19th!

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