Wednesday, September 23, 2020

VERSOIX new and intriguing video clip "THINGS THAT NEVER TOLD". Track taken from his new album 'El Devenir de las Bestias'

:: CLICK HERE to see the new video "Cosas que nunca soñe" by VERSOIX ::



Difficult times where groups cannot step on a stage. In these moments is where you have to look for originality and try to keep the flame burning on the current situation of a band.

This is the case of Versoix from Madrid. His followers have been multiplying in recent times, given his high activity in networks and above all for investing his efforts in carrying out original actions such as this new video clip “Cosas que nunca conté”, a theme belonging to his latest album ' ‘El Devenir de las Bestias’.



The group comments: “This new clip has been made by ourselves. Directed by Jesús (voice and guitar) and by Sergio (guitar). We embarked on an adventure after confinement, taking advantage of the time and seeing that all the dates of the tour fell back on us - due to Covid - and we really wanted to stay active. We are very happy with the end result. "


Regarding the video and the theme of the story, Versoix comments: “The story that the video tells is about a supposed future of the group itself, where we would have touched the desired fame and everything would have changed. There would no longer be so much union and distrust would emerge. The mail plot around a clandestine card scam, in which we are so concerned with ourselves that we do not realize that our own environment is where we have the enemy. In short, on how fame can load a band. It's a bit of a parody. You can have it all when you are at the top, but you can also lose it all at the slightest carelessness. Not only the money, but the friendship that united us in the beginning ”.



Video clip "Cosas que nunca conte" song taken from the album, ‘El Devenir de las Bestias’. Fully self-edited and self-produced album by Versoix. Distributed by Maldito Digital.






“Volvimos a Empezar” (Episodio 1/3) (

“El Cristal” (Episodio 2/3) (

“Abismo”(Episodio Final 3/3)  (

 Here are also other Lyric Videos from the new album:


-           “Círculo de Tiza” (see here) with Danny from Whiskey Caravan

-           “La Distancia” (see here) with Javier Beltrán from NoProcede



With their previous album, the band received several recognitions and awards from different media, as a revelation band.


Versoix recorded these new songs at La Caverna Studios. A few meters from Street Rosendo and Street AC / DC, in the town of Leganés, Madrid.


Powerful riffs giving rise to great songs signed by, without a doubt, a Rock band to take into account. Everything, bound with very heartfelt lyrics and from where you can appreciate a great compositional work.


In addition, ‘El Devenir de las Bestias’ has the participation of Dany (Whiskey Caravan), Javier Beltrán (NoProcede), wind sections including piano, all from the hand of Manu Clavijo. The cover is the work of well-known cartoonist Crisbel Robles and the spectacular design of the Digipack and its 12-page booklet are signed by Aarón Pérez.



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