Saturday, September 19, 2020

Xeno - "Sojourn"


Xeno is a Dutch Contemporary Metal band that makes modern Metal, influenced by many different musical styles. From harsh riffs that will make you can't stop shaking your head to intimate instrumental passages, the band uses whatever resources they feel are right and channel them with the passion that identifies them. Xeno released his first album in 2016, which received rave reviews. From then on, the band has been recruiting new talent, motivated to make even better quality material. One of the points that identifies Xeno is his intense and powerful live performances. That is why they have shared the stage with Voivod, Spoil Engine and Carach Angren, among others. Now Xeno are ready to release their best work to date, their second album Sojourn, which will be released internationally on October 30th via Art Gates Records.

Ruben Willemsen - Voices, Bass
Daniel de Coninck - Guitars
Sean Lubbersen - Keyboard
Jasper Bruggeman - Guitars
Edwin Haan - Guitars
Lars van Mourik - Drums


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