Tuesday, October 6, 2020

ANCIENT THRONES – THE VEIL (Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Canadian Technical Death Metal band Ancient Thrones’ upcoming concept album, to be released on November 6th.
Taking Death Metal to its technical grounds in the most progressive and Canadian way, this band displays virtuosity with meaning beyond itself. Instead of only playing well, they also transmit the intended spacey feeling mixed with brutality and melodicism that is usually hard to achieve.
With some songs leaning in between Brutal Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal like “The Millionth Grave” and others leaning towards Black Death Metal like “The River Of Rain”, what’s most interesting besides the ability to combine everything into their own style is how lengthy solos like the ones of “The Sight Of Oblivion” or “The Soul To Flesh” manage to not sound boring but to instead be a completely necessary part of the song as a whole and in essence the album. Thanks to this talent and particular style that differences them from other bands of the style they have greatly portrayed everything intended on the concept of the album, whose only identifiable flaw may be a slightly excessive length.
I recommend this album to fans of Technical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Black Death Metal and Progressive Death Metal.

                                                         Review by Varg The Mighty

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