Friday, October 16, 2020

Bleeding Malice: "The Last Prayer" new video

Dark metal/hardcore Bleeding Malice from Belarus, after releasing their debut song "The Last Prayer" on September 18th 2020, just made a brand new video out of it. Check it out!


Artwork by Olga Kann

Mixing & Mastering by Simone

Pietroforte (Divergent Studios)        


Olga Kann- composing, bass
Alexander Rabets- vocals, lyrics
Sergey Pinchuk- guitars
Sergey Kuvizenkov- guitars



BLEEDING MALICE – dark metallic hardcore band based in Minsk, Belarus and formed at the beginning of 2020 by Olga kann and Alex Rabets. Music combines elements of dark hardcore, deathcore, metalcore. Lyrics constain social issues, philosophy and religion, psycho-emotional experiences. BLEEDING MALICE released the first single “The Last Prayer” on September, 18, 2020.

A full-length album is being prepared for release, which will include 9 compositions united by a common concept.



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