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Burial Ruthles is a death metal band that originated in the city of Maturin-Venezuela at the beginning of 2015 and settled in the city of Barcelona-Spain at the end of the same year. The band was initially made up of Venezuelan members but currently it is made up of musicians from Spain, Germany and Venezuela. Victor Figueroa guitarist, vocalist and founder of the band decides to leave Venezuela at the end of October 2015 due to the socio-economic, political and cultural situation that this country is going through, he brings with him the ideas and songs already composed to reform the line-up in Spanish lands . The project arises after the separation of the band Morbidsign where Victor Figueroa along with other local musicians from the city of Maturin made several concerts and local and regional festivals. The story of Burial Ruthless begins when Carlos Marin (ex-morbidsign Ex-sickviolation) together with Victor Figueroa (ex-morbidsign) decide to continue with the compositions that remained on the air after the separation of the aforementioned project. After a few months of rehearsals and research, Burial ruthless Anderson Jimenez (ex-sixth legion) and Ricardo Chang join the project and thus the line-up is closed with a bass player and a second guitar respectively.

La Caída del Aborrecido is the band's first single, and comes out at the end of 2015 shortly after the band's change of residence to Spain by Victor Figueroa, who took on the responsibility of carrying out the restructuring of the band in that country. In the song the fall of the abhorred (Taita Boves) the influences and the musical proposal of the band can be detailed. A dense sound but with sharp cuts, rhythm changes with elements of classic death metal and brutal technical death metal, speed and blast beats of different styles among other elements of different genres that make Burial Ruthless an interesting and forceful proposal.

During his first steps, Burial Ruthless appeared twice in Venezuela. The last time in a festival of extreme metal bands that managed to bring together renowned local and regional bands in the country such as the Natastors (ccs). The change of residence brought with it the restructuring of the band, joined by Ruben Perez on bass and finally Jesper Boenigk on drums. Currently Burial has participated in different shows in three cities in Spain such as: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Basque Country (Bilbao) Palencia (Brutologos festival) obtaining good reviews from the public and the local media.

At the beginning of 2018 the band began the process of recording their first record material 5 songs with the raw proposal of the band. The drums were recorded in Hamburg, the hometown of Jesper Boenigk, the vocals, bass and guitars recorded in Spain in a home studio format. The mixing and mastering were done by Jorge Medina (ex-Evil Reborn) in Venezuela. The artwork by Jhon Quevedo Janssens.

The production bears the name Human’s Death Pathology and 50 copies have been independently made for promotions and commercial use of the band in live performances.

Human’s Death Pathology Tracks

Hijos de la Esfera Brutal.

Bonus track


Line up :
Victor Figueroa.
Jesper Boenigk.
Rubén Pérez.

Artwork: Jhon Quevedo Janssens

Victor Figueroa
Phone: +34 658-53-34-28







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