Friday, October 30, 2020

ChronicleS' - Death Metal / Bangladesh

ChronicleS' is a Death Metal band summoning from Dhaka,Bangladesh. In East-Bengal extreme metal scenario the band was formed in late 2015. For this five years the band contributed in so many live shows and released a debut Ep last year which is titled as "War machine". A band who have been in existence for over five years are hoping to offer what they say is a brand new chapter with new member and new sound.!

ChronicleS occult death metal act from Bangladesh releases new demo, tilted as ASTŌDĀN. It will be available in physical, CD-R format in limited 50 piece edition. It comes along with a package.


ASTŌDĀN streaming link-



photos and artwork-

Despite of debut release the band is set to an cultish evil, ambient, dark and old school sound right now.!
The band is established with extreme powerful drumming, aggressive killing faster riffs with speed bass line which is highlighted in the demo. This demo consist of five tracks.

1.The Ritual Of Druj-Nasu.
2.Supreme Ormizd Zoroastrianism
4.Messiah (Hellhammer cover)
5.Blasphemy occultism.

ASTŌDĀN, This demo is influenced by ancient occult Zoroastrianism Which highlights the, practise of irreverence, inhumation and  blasphemy. 
Homage to the ancient one, incorrigibility of Angra-mainyu and druj-nasu. Ossuary to dafma darkest and iniquitous ritual rites.
The earliest attestation of ancient cult , ASTŌDĀN  encrusted with zoroastrianism ancient Iranian funerary rites,  temple cult of fire and  darkest ritualistic existence.

This artwork indicates the occultism of Angra-Mainyu, and buried decomposition ritual at, dakhma( tower of silence). 
ASTŌDĀN, “bone-receptacle, ossuary” (Persian sotōdān), from ast- “oss, bone” and -dāna “container, receptacle.” The term has an important place in the vocabulary of ancient Iranian funerary rites.


Members - 

Artwork- Xenomorphic Manifestation.
Studio- Raw and wailing.






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