Thursday, October 29, 2020

DETHRXNER - OVERTHRXWN ( Prime Collective Release: 30 October 2020 )

Copenhagen-based hardcore quartet DTHRNR resurrects as DETHRXNER - bringing a new sound to the Danish hardcore scene. Drawing inspiration from the trap scene and artists like SCARLXRD while still retaining their roots in hardcore, the band is getting ready to release their sophomore album ‘OVERTHRXWN’.

“’OVERTHRXWN’ expresses the challenges of life seen from two sides; one tells the story about defeating your own demons and celebrating your victories, while the other is anger towards people who lack self-awareness and thus indirectly affect your life. Anything that stands in the way must be defeated”, vocalist Neema Rad explains.

Since the release of their debut album ‘South Haven’ in 2017, the band has gained a level of freedom and self-awareness, which naturally caused a shift in their sound on this coming release. With plenty of features from everything between deathcore and rap artists you can expect an album full of diversity while still staying true to their hardcore sound.

The coming full-length release has been recorded and produced by renowned producer Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, MØL, Ghost Iris) and is set to be released on October 30 through Prime Collective.



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