Wednesday, October 7, 2020

DISGUSTING PERVERSION publish new video; new album "Eternity Of Death"

Bavarian old-school death metallers Disgusting Perversion are set to release their debut full-length "Eternity Of Death" on October 30th via Black Sunset!
Previously self-released in a small edition, Black Sunset saw so much potential on "Eternity Of Death" that they felt it would be a crime if they wouldn't make this gem accessible to a larger audience. Musically, it can be find somewhere between old Entombed, Bolt Thrower and Grave.
A video for "The Forgotten Grave" was published and offers a mixture of live sequences and animated lyric video. Watch it right here:







1. Cosmic Circle 
2. The Forgotten Grave  
3. Eternity of Death 
4. Impressions of Life 
5. Depression 
6. Encrypted Brutality of Life 
7. Dead Man’s Face 
8. Rotting Bride 
9. Apud Vultum Tuum





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