Thursday, October 29, 2020

Evil Hatred - New generation of Chilean Death Metal

Evil Hatred is a Chilean band born in 2017 by "Trap" in guitars, "Rod" in lead guitars, "Strife" as the bestial drums, "Black Dwarf" in the bass & "Hatred" as growls and vocals; a demonic band that evokes old school 90s death metal from North America, heavily inspired by Florida and California death metal bands like the old Possessed, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, and also a lot of Immolation, Morbid Angel, Deicide and Terrorizer. Despite having something like 3 years, it has an interesting live demo titled "Alive" and with this, its debut album consecrated with the name "Rotten Decay", this blasphemous act consists of 11 feverish Death Metal hymns, at To review this aberration, you will find very interesting pieces such as "Ancient Path of Hate" that begins with a terrifying story which begins the chaotic. Another track that stands out is "Hecatombe with the Dead" for the schizophrenic, hostile and agile of its sound, its riffs and beats; however there are also some dense and slow passages that give a gloomy atmosphere.
"The Bloody Insurrection", "Servants of the Lake of Fire"; "The Day of Darkness" and "Raining Poison" are other of the murderous tracks of this debut album, which unlike most Chilean Death Metal productions today, moves away from the European school to get closer to the North American Death Metal School. A superb insult, Death Metal with an old, primitive and merciless sound. We also share a link with the presentation of the group at the "Santiago Metal Festival" where they shared the stage with Suffocation and Atheist, and another link to their presentation together with Terrorizer on their visit to Chile.
These days Evil Hatred is soon to publish a reissue of his album in cassette format with the magazine and label Noxious Ruin Magazine (Detroit, Michigan), whose copies are already available through Noxious Ruin in the United States, and
Extremely Rotten Productions
(Copenhagen, Denmark) in Europe.


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