Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Final Dawn - "Minä Olen Pimeys" Self-Released | Release: 06/11/2020


Final Dawn - "Minä Olen Pimeys"

Death Metal from Finland



Final Dawn deliver a combination of death, black, doom and progressive metal, expressing their frustrations and painting a dark picture of where we're all heading when it comes to the way we're living. Stories of stubborn and unbreakable attitude are also present, featuring a diverse collection of sounds, from tight aggressive outbursts to epic stores guided by slow elements. "The Fisherman" stands among the most special tracks, paying homage to a lost friend who loved the sea and fishing, and fell through the ice during the winter.


1. Noitarumpu
2. Till the Bitter End
3. The Fisherman
4. Celtic Honour
5. Satan's Hourglass
6. Chaos Makes Us Alive
7. Welcome to War
8. Fires of the North


Vesa Mattila - vocals/guitar
Topi Anttila - bass/backing vocals
Ilkka Unnbom - Drums


Album was recorded in 10 day session at Studio Water Castle in August. Album was recorded, mixed and mastered there by Arttu Sarvanne



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