Friday, October 30, 2020

GREY WOLF released a Digital Single called Fire and Ice.

     Brazilian project GREY WOLF was founded in 2012 by Fabio “Grey Wolf” Paulinelli, bassist/singer  and unique compositor acknowledged in Brazilian scene by his passages in veteran Heavy and Thrash Metal bands from underground. However, it was in GREY WOLF that the could finally find a home for his Epic Metal songs. The project proposal was to make a Traditional Heavy Metal with a small pinch of power metal with epic theme with Conan the Barbarian main lyrical source. After 6 Demos released between 2012/2014 and with one full-length released per year, between 2014/2016, he really shook the grounds of True Metal fans, drawing attention worldwide to the point of having his first two official materials reissued by Stormspell Records (USA) in his series "Trend Killers".
   In 2016 released his most acclaimed album so far. Glorious Death that received excellent reviews around the world.
     In 2017 GREY WOLF released a compilation of Demos and Lives with two unreleased songs entitled “The Beginning”.
     It was little time active as a band the GREY WOLF did some shows between 2014/2016 (the band has performed alongside names such as Evil Invaders, Torture Squad, Hibria, Dr Sin, Flagadorador, Salário Mínimo, Battalion, Metaltex, Dunkell Reiter, Farscape among others) but returned to the status of studio project and begins his newest battle: the recording of his fourth official album. Entitled "The Last Journey of An Old Viking," the material is slated for the first half of 2019 and is due to be released by Wolf Productions on CD, featuring 10 songs filled with classic riffs, masterful bass lines and epic refrains.
     Recently Grey Wolf released a Digital Single called Fire and Ice, which has two songs, the title track and also the song Melancholçy In The Cimmerian Hills.
    An Ep called Stygia will soon be released, which will initially be released on tape by the Hungarian Burning Sun Label.



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