Friday, October 2, 2020

Hautajaisyö is set to release their third album - new single which handles the fear of death is released today!

Promo picture by Sami Kettunen / Kuvauksellista Valoa
Finnish Death metal band Hautajaisyö is set to release their third studio album "On Vain Pimeys" on November 13th 2020 via Inverse Records. New single Kuolonkantaja is released today.

Vocalist Janne Partanen comments:
"Kuolonkantaja (deathbearer) was written many years ago, but it found it's place now in the upcoming album. It is a good bridge from the second album to the new album. Song is a mix of brutality and the melodic side of Hautajaisyö. Lyrics tell about fear of death and how society handless the inevitable.
"We walk on lines, depend on others, but still fear each other""
Listen to the single:​

On Vain Pimeys

01. Ympärilläsi Pelkkää Tyhjää (Only Emptiness Around You)
02. Kun Sanat Ei Riitä Tähän Suruun (Worlds Are Not Enough For This Sorrow)
03. Uhraus (Sacrifice)
04. Muistojuhla (Memorial Celebration)
05. Kuolonkantaja (DeathBearer)
06. Tulen Keskellä (In The Middle Of Fire)
07. On Vain Pimeys (There Is Only Darkness)
08. Lopun Tie (Road To End)

Single cover art by Minttu Harju
Janne Partanen - Vocals
Sami Lustig - Guitar
Simo Pesonen - Bass
Teemu Roth - Drums


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