Monday, October 5, 2020

Ingridi Verardo releases cover for RBD's "Otro Día que Va"

(Photo credit: Gean Ghellere)

Ingridi Verardo releases cover for RBD's "Otro Día Que Va"

After the recent release of "Read Between The Lines", her second single, the Brazilian singer INGRIDI VERARDO recorded a cover for the song "Otro Día Que Va", by RBD, a Mexican pop group that gained popularity from Televisa's telenovela Rebelde and became one of the best-selling Latin music artists, with over 15 million records sold worldwide.

Regarding the unusual choice for a metal band, the singer commented: "The reason for choosing the Mexican group RBD instead of a a metal band is that the group brings me good memories of when I was younger and of a time when I didn't care if I was in tune or not, but a time when I sang for singing and because I liked to sing, I felt good doing it. RBD was the first group to put me on stage as a singer, and that was very strong for me. I've been on a stage a million times before, but always acting or dancing. RBD opened the doors to a part of me that I didn't even know existed, and I'm forever grateful for that!"

At the moment INGRIDI VERARDO is working on the recordings of her debut album, "Imperfection", which will have eight tracks, including the already released singles "28 Days" and "Read Between The Lines", and will be inspired by her influences that range from symphonic metal, anime, opera musicals.

The album is being produced by Roger Fingle (BLOOD TEARS, SEDUCED BY SUICIDE), who commented: "I am sure that in the beginning Ingridi didn't have much of an idea of wwo hard it would be to record an album with this quality and how much I would push her. Despite that, unlike many other bands, no matter how emphatic I am, she doesn't get offended with my criticism and she truly tries to understand what is wrong and she always comes back better for the next recording session."

While the album isn't released, check out the cover of "Otro Día Que Va" at

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